Nightlife in Adams Morgan

On Friday, a friend and I experienced the nightlife in Adams Morgan, a popular neighborhood in northwest Washington, D.C., well-known for its main thoroughfare, 18th Street.  It is a culturally diverse place occupied with great restaurants and bars with reasonable prices to produce a lively nightlife for all ages.

IMG_1745We first went to this place called Madam’s Organ, a blues bar and soul food restaurant.  Everything during happy hour, which lasted until 8pm, was half priced, excluding dinner.  The menu encompassed a variety of foods, and all of the drinks were also half priced. Although the band was not scheduled to perform until 10pm, music transmitted through the speakers creating an appeasing ambiance.  Once the band started, the crowd became energetic.  The band played music that had the jam-packed, lively crowd dancing and swaying.  The lead singer kind of reminded me of a young B.B. King.  However, you can judge for yourself after viewing the video.

The second place we visited was the Bukom Café, also on the main thoroughfare.  Bukom is a restaurant that serves West African cuisine and offers live, reggae music.  My friend had never been to Bukom Café.  I was, however, already familiar with Bukom’s mouthwatering West African cuisine and their famous “rum punch.”

My friend ordered the rum punch, which invigorated her mood. Since I was driving, I dared not partake.  When we arrived, the extremely talented reggae band was in full performance mode.  The band’s melodic rhythms penetrated the multi-cultured crowd seemingly revitalizing familiar reminiscences. Everybody was dancing and singing and just grooving to the music.  You could tell that many in the crowd were previously acquainted, but they were still friendly to my friend and me.

It was a great Friday evening/night filled with great food, drinks and music. If I had travelled alone, I would have set at the bar in both places, which appeared to appropriately accommodate single people.

If you are ever in the DC area, I would highly recommend checking out the Adams Morgan neighborhood. It will not disappoint.

Peace and Love,


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