Hi, I’m Lee.  I am a divorced mom with almost grown children. This is me taking ownership of my happiness by starting a blog, something that forces me outside of my comfort zone.  My blog is about me going on a journey of pursuing independence and happiness by doing the things that I would like to do while pushing fear and insecurities aside.  I’m sure that some of you can relate to making plans with friends and then something happens. As a result, you cancel everything because you don’t want to go by yourself. That was the old me.

The reality is that I was reluctant to go almost anywhere alone for several reasons.  Now that my kids are almost grown and have their own social lives,  I realized that I also needed and deserved to have a social life.  However, I found myself in a challenging situation – not really comfortable going out by myself and concerned with how I might be perceived by people who don’t even know me or even care about me for that matter.

There have been many movements that impacted on defining the meaning, roles, status and opportunities of women.  However, I would be remiss if I did not consider the impact of societal biases with regards to gender and age.  It is a fact that women are viewed differently or negatively for displaying the same behaviors as men when expressing their free spiritedness and independence.

Owning my happiness demanded that I free my mind of some of the negative social conditionings that are associated with women.  It demanded that I allow myself the freedom to explore what makes me happy.

I will share my experiences, relationships, and interactions with you as I take this journey.  I will also talk about life and share things that are on my mind.   My blog is about me living my life as a single woman and sharing the challenges.  I encourage my new visitors to start with my earlier posts to appreciate my progress on this journey.  It is my hope that I will inspire others in similar situations.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.  I welcome your comments, thoughts, and any words of wisdom and/or encouragement.

Much Love,