The Male’s Angle

Although I give my viewers 100% of what I feel, think, and believe, in order to provide a broader perception on some of the things I discuss, I thought it would be a great idea to solicit the opinion of single men.

Hence came the idea to add a section called “The Male’s Angle” to my blog.  These posts will come from single men over 35 years of age and in various stages of their lives.  They will provide their viewpoints on dating, women, and life as a single man.

I hope you enjoy this addition.

Peace and Love,



The New Single

The waiter brings the bill.  You open the black restaurant guest check holder and quickly glance at the pre-tip total.  The balance makes you grimace a little–internally.  Externally, you maintain a poker face.  Your discomfort is not attributable to insufficient finances.  It’s just that you long ago began to consider the returns for your investments in interactions with the opposite sex.  And you’re a man, so investments are more or less par for the course.

In many ways, our philosophy on companionship dovetails with where we are in relation to our current choice on biology.  Some have decided they have no desire to reproduce.  Others have already done so.  When you want kids and haven’t yet had any, the pursuit of relationships is like a game of musical chairs:  you must keep dancing until the music stops.

Certainly, some relationships are so dysfunctional that they resemble a late-model, hard-driven car, with hundreds of thousands of stop-and-go commuter miles accumulated on pothole ridden roads.  Duct tape and zip ties hold them together until some Cash for Clunkers type of development gracefully puts them out of their misery.

Time away from relationships and dating is like athletes’ between game preparations.  Mentally you’re thinking through and reviewing whatever “game film” you can remember in order to identify strengths and correct weaknesses in your performance.

The off-season is relaxing, instructive.  But it’s nothing like the game.  So…you attend to your cuts and bruises, recuperate, and long for the day you get back out on the playing field