My Funny Valentine

Today is Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day. It is a day in which people express their romantic love for each other with gifts, flowers, candy and other romantic gestures.  I started my day by going to mass.  Towards the end of the mass, the priest did a special blessing for all of the married couples.  It was like a renewal of their vows to each other and to God.

When I was married, I had all of these expectations of what I wanted to receive as gifts and how I thought that Valentine’s Day should be consumed. After all, this was the most important day to display love.  I’m sure my expectancies originated from implied observations expressed by television, movies, and based on being able to give an impressive description to friends.  Although I’m sure the deeds were nice, they never quite played out as I had envisioned.

For my first Valentine’s Day after my separation, I was still conditioned to believe that it was the fundamental day for exhibiting romantic love and felt like a failure because I didn’t have anyone special in my life. Besides the fact that I was mentally and emotionally incapable of giving and receiving romantic love, I still felt sad and alone.  That was until a friend, who was also single at that time called, and we agreed to go to the movies.

We decided to see this new “chick flick” movie that had recently come out. With the assumption of an expected sparse crowd consisting of other females like us, without dates, we decided to liven the movie experience.  I stopped and picked up some mini wine bottles and stuffed them into my big purse.  We met at the movie theater.  As we walked towards our seats, we gasped at the number of couples that were inside the theater to see this chick flick for Valentine’s Day.  We burst into laughter as we sat in our seats.  As we watched the movie, we drank the bottles of wine that I discreetly pulled from my purse, occasionally laughed out loud, and giggled throughout the evening.  It was one of the best Valentine’s days ever!

Now, oddly, my gifts and the gestures for Valentine’s Day when married seem so ambiguous. On the other hand, my friend and I have not missed communicating on every Valentine’s Day since that movie experience to reminisce and laugh about that night.

You don’t need to be in a relationship with someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day.   Whether you spend Valentine’s Day alone or with friends, do something to make yourself laugh and just be happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!




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