This week, we celebrated Thanksgiving Day, a day in which people acknowledge blessings, give thanks, and spend time with family.

In retrospect of the last year, I probably should have devoted more time to acknowledging my blessings.  Unfortunately, I allowed the residual effects from unpleasant experiences to mute my happiness for prolonged periods.  Shimmers of happiness would come and then slowly scatter into the air of obscurity.

In retrospect, I know that we all encounter experiences that test our faith and strength. The challenge is to disallow them from dominating your thoughts and behaviors.  It becomes somewhat difficult when devastating events occur within short time spans – meaning before you can get through one situation, something happens that shakes your foundation of stability.  Unabashedly throwing your emotions into a river of trepidation.  Unanticipated interactions cram you with dread of looming doom.

I observed people that I had known over the years also displaying events that reshaped their lives. Their angsts would manifest via social media through heartfelt messages of love and confusion.  I empathized.

In retrospect, over the last year, I was just being. At gatherings, I would take note of who’s not there and notice dwindling family participants instead of living in the moment.  Losing loved ones is very painful and makes your heart ache in a way that only someone who has had similar experiences can understand.  Your thinking is irrational because it’s clouded with emotions and confusion.

I understand that my siblings would not want me to be sad. In retrospect, I have always known it.  They would demand that I reminisce about all the good times that we shared – replacing sadness with heartfelt memories.

During this Thanksgiving holiday, I am very thankful for all of my family and friends.  I hope that you take some time and reminisce and get lost in happy memories.  More importantly, I hope you live in the moments.

I would like to leave you with a couple of quotes as we go through this journey called life.

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”  Norman Cousins

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul, there is no such thing as separation.” Rumi

Peace and Blessings,



  1. Thank you for your transparency. We need to cherish each moment for we never know if it’s our last.

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