My Vote Matters

On Election Day, I was excited to accompany my parents to the voting booth in hopes of celebrating a victory and shattering that unbreachable barrier known as the glass ceiling. In spite of health issues, their enthusiasm to exercise their right to vote was infectious.  I gleamed with pride as I watched my elderly parents walk into the voting hall to cast their vote.

My parents survived the era in which casting your vote for an election could and did in many cases result in death. It was only in December, 2015 that women were allowed to vote in Saudi Arabia.  Therefore, they would never take this freedom for granted.  (You can catch them walking optimistically into the voting hall below.)  Casting your vote is a civic duty.  It is your chance to provide input because in the U.S. we the people produce the outcome.  No one should take that lightly.

Although considered to be one of the scruffiest presidential elections in history, I felt disheartened with the course of actions that led up to the election. Politics are messy, but I believe in our democratic system.  I believed that the candidate with over 30 years of dedicated public service along with her knowledge, expertise, and familiarity with the government would be a shoe in to win.  Some say she had so much baggage that it was an impossible feat.  So instead the candidate chosen as the better was someone who has publicly disgraced minorities and women, and whose campaign bolstered racial division and fear to non-white, law-abiding American citizens.

Although the outcome of this election seemed shocking to many, it was decided based on our democratic system. We have to accept the outcome and support the new President-Elect.  This is the person who is going to lead our country and as President Obama said, “he is doing what he can in hopes of the success for the President-Elect.”

I trust our democracy and pray that as our “Pledge of Allegiance” states that we really are “one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Peace and Blessings,






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