New York, New York

Last weekend, I went to New York to visit my daughters, who attend college there, and to see Beth Hart in concert. Beth Hart is an American singer and songwriter from LA.  She was scheduled to perform at the Town Hall in Times Square, downtown New York.  The concert ticket was a thoughtful gesture from one of my daughters.  Very touching because as a teen, she was repeatedly forced to listen to the piercing sound of Beth Hart’s music penetrating throughout the car.

Our favorite Beth Hart CD is “Screamin for My Supper.”  I think the three of us know the words to every song on that CD.  I listened to that CD when I was happy, sad, or depressed because Beth’s music soothed me.  Much of her music is about her life experiences and very relatable.  Plus, I just love her voice!  When my daughters were in high school, they borrowed that same CD and somehow, forgot to return it.

After my school visit, we decided to head out for an early dinner at the Hard Rock Café and then walk around in Times Square. That night, New York was bitter cold and windy.  The weather was unforgiving so we decided to head over a bit early to Town Hall.  Upon our arrival was a line awaiting entry into the venue.  We squeezed through the crowd to wait indoors at Will Call for warmth.

After about 15 minutes, they opened the doors for the concert. It appeared to be a sold out show.  Not surprising since I think Beth Hart is one of the most talented performers in the industry.  That night, everything about her performance was captivating.  Watching her perform live, sharing her vulnerabilities, and interacting with the audience made that large place feel like an intimate setting.

I later read a review by Howard B. Leibowitz in the Elmore Magazine in which he stated “Among the highlights were the heartfelt “St. Teresa” and tear inducing “Take It Easy On Me,” songs that put her own life experiences on full display. From the reaction in the venue, Ms. Hart and her talented band mates more than exceeded expectations.” It’s true, she really did exceed our expectations.  I have loved Beth Hart’s music for a long time and obviously, so have my girls.  I’m so grateful that we were able to share the Beth experience together.

I also want to share a piece Beth Hart with my readers. Unfortunately, people continuously walked back and forth in front of my camera until it became painfully frustrating.  In any case, here’s a glimpse of Beth, but I encourage you to invest in her music to fully understand the magnetism of the amazing talent that is Beth Hart.


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