DC Fashion Week

Last week, I attended a DC Fashion Week Industry Networking party and fashion show. It was held at the DC Manor, a restaurant/lounge/nightclub on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, DC.  I was curious because I had seen tabloid pictures of celebrities attending New York Fashion Week.  With no perception of what to expect, I had hoped to experience a taste of fashion week. I thought an added bonus would be to observe the fashionable people IMG_1788of DC.

In my attempt to avoid standing for the entire evening, I arrived 20 minutes before the doors were supposed to open. In spite of my efforts, there was already a line awaiting entry.  After about 45 minutes, they opened the doors to let the people come inside.  Upon entry, the greeters provided name tags, i.e., model, blogger, actor, press, etc., to enhance your network opportunities. Although the diverse crowd encompassed all ages, the venue overflowed with 20 and 30 year olds.

 I had a great standing spot for viewing the fashion show.  I ordered a drink and waited for the show to begin. Although it was no New York Fashion Week, that event provided an opportunity for new designers to present their various fashion accessories, which mostly included jewelry.   The event also acknowledged students studying design and fashion and allowed them to showcase their fashion designs.

The host inquired about talents in the audience and this one woman, wearing a model tag, approached him.  After discussing her modeling career, he invited her to walk the runway.  She is the lady in the pink dress and pink sparkling shoes in the attached video.

The music was great, the crowd was energetic, and it was entertaining.  I appreciated the experience.  When I left, there was a line of approximately one half block long awaiting entry to the DC Fashion Week Industry Networking Party.  Aww the anticipation of the unforeseen….

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