Cabin Fever

IMG_1652Day 5 Jonas – the snow blizzard that hit the East Coast. I have a serious case of cabin fever and desperately need to get out of the house.  I’ve already watched several movies, read my favorite book, again, “The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” by Junot Diaz, and caught up on emails.  I decide to go out on the trails which are less than a half block away.  Because of the weather conditions, walking to the trails turned into an adventure.  I had to crawl over a mini hill, walk through knee deep, heavy, and wet snow to find a path leading to the trails.


While on the trails, I realize parts are slippery which results in me walking on feet and at times, hands (unexpectedly).  Initially, I don’t see anyone.  It almost feels eerie because night and day, people are out on the trails.  Rain, snow, sleet and hail, people are on the trails.  I start to doubt my decision.

Then, I see this woman walking her dog.  As I approach her, I start to feel a little self-conscious because I don’t have an excuse to be out in this weather.  So, I say something like “I had a serious case of cabin fever and needed to get out.” She laughs and we continue to walk in opposite directions.  During my 40 minute walk, which seemed like two hours, a total of seven people were out on the trails; four were walking dogs, two were on skis, and me.

However, being outside provided me the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature; the icy ponds, the naked wintery trees, the smell of fresh air, the sound of birds chirping, and of course, the beautiful, white snow.  It was rejuvenating and totally removed that feeling of being trapped indoors.

Even though I was happy to be outdoors, I felt the need to explain my actions to a complete stranger.  I even doubted my decision for going out because at first, I didn’t see anyone. Sadly, I know if I had someone with me, those thoughts would have never crossed my mind.  While sometimes it’s difficult to not doubt yourself, I realize that I have to trust my instincts.  There is a certain level of confidence that results from believing in yourself.

Peace & Love,


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