A snow blizzard called Jonas hit the East Coast this weekend and dropped over two feet of snow in some areas. It forced most of us to stay indoors over the last couple of days.  For me, it created a cabin fever effect.

IMG_1193Bored, I decided to glance out the window.  I observed my zealous neighbors shoveling snow, a man skiing towards the trails, and another man with a sled in one hand and a kid excitedly running behind him. With no desire to go out, I sank deeply into the comfort of my sofa and turned on the television.


An older episode of Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” and her interview with Shirley MacLaine was on the television.   Subconsciously, I flashed back to the time when I saw Shirley MacLaine and  Frank Sinatra perform at the Warner Theater in Washington, DC. I smiled at the memory, because I thought she was an incredible dancer and actress.  However, now, she is thought of as being somewhat provocative and sometimes not taken serious.

I gazed back and forth at the television with divided attention until something Shirley says grabs my attention. She said:

“We are all one – I am everybody who is seeking and everybody who is seeking is me. So I make no differentiation.”

Oprah asked her if she was pleased with the role that she played as a spiritual trailblazer of our culture” and if she considers herself a trailblazer. Her response – “I am pleased with the fact that I saw a trail and I walked down it and didn’t know what I was gonna find.”

When Oprah asked what she had learned from all of her journeys, she responded with a statement like “she learned that all you really need in life is fresh water and a good pair of shoes for walking.”

Personally, I have never thought of her as someone profound, but I am also not one to dismiss comments made by anyone, especially someone who has had many life experiences as her.  I am also keenly aware that the profoundest person can learn something from someone that others presume as foolish.  Honestly, those statements made me question some things.  It also made me think about the journey of my life.

I thought her comments acknowledged some important realities about life.  That life is about always chasing purposes and seizing those unanticipated occurrences along the journey.   I think that having a gratifying life means being an active participant while guiding your path with aspirations to help you achieve your purposes.

Peace and Love,



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