Reality Check

Hey Guys,

In 2016, I said that I wanted to be a better version of myself by using three concepts to aid me with that endeavor. One of the concepts was to always be present for my family and friends.  Unfortunately, this past week, I received traumatic news regarding a family member.  This situation not only shocked me but also devastated my entire family.  To give you a little background, my family and I are often anxious because we endured three unexpected tragedies.  In 2006, my brother who was a year older than me, was killed.  In 2013, I lost two brothers – one to a heart attack and four months later, the other was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and died within one month.

Without going into a lot of details, my sister was rushed to the hospital and has been in the Intensive Care Unit all week. As a result, it has been a very difficult week.  In reality, I cannot begin to describe or even process the range of thoughts that run through my mind or my emotions. When I go to visit my sister, I’m strong and am always present to continue to encourage her.  When I’m around my elderly parents, I try to keep them uplifted.  When I’m around my brother-in-law, I try to make sure that he remains optimistic. When I’m around my other anxious siblings, I lean on them for support and can feel their need for equivalence.  When I’m alone, I pray and try to stay focused on a positive outcome.

At a minimum, my duty is to be there to provide her with the encouragement she needs to fight this battle.  However, these circumstances have forced me to look at life with an altered perspective.   When looking outside of my own weaknesses, faults or whatever you want to call them, I could not help but notice, as I visited my sister at the hospital, the many people with serious battles to overcome.  Just a few months ago, I was concerned with not having a social life after divorce and feeling like I was not fulfilling my life.  Now, that seems so insignificant.

At some point in our lives, the occurrence of a thought-provoking situation exists. The reality is that the longer you live, the more challenges you sustain.  Seemingly trivial right now, but having a social life IS very important.  It’s part of the balance in your life.  Also, having family and friends to lean on and for them to be able to lean on you is another part of the balance in your life.   The reality is there are several necessities for stability in my life.   In retrospect, I don’t have to minimize the importance of an element’s role in my life.  They all contribute to me being a well-balanced person.

Please keep my sister and family in your prayers and thoughts.

Peace and Love,



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  1. Sorry to hear about your sister.
    I hope she and the rest of your family the best. Events like this help make us strong and cause us to evaluate our own lives. I wish you the best on your journey and hope you reach a good place.

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