Feelin the Rhythm

I went to a restaurant and lounge called Phaze 10 in Baltimore, Maryland, after work.  A friend was playing with that night’s featured band, The Foundation.  I valet parked since I was not familiar with the area, and there were no available parking spaces within my sight.  My initial impression of Phaze 10 was that it was quaint and cozy.  The restaurant seating was straight ahead and the bar, where the band was setting up, was located to the left.

I walked inside the bar area and observed people sitting in groups or at the bar.  Another friend, who also came to watch the performance, was initially seated at the bar.  She, another friend and I sat at a vacant table located in a snug spot up front, near the band.  We ordered drinks and appetizers and after sampling, began to wind down from the workday.

The ambiance changed once the band started playing.  The smooth, rhythmical sounds flowing from the instruments  invigorated the room with a mellow, engaging vibe.  The music, while pulsating through my body, was whisking the stress away.  I looked around and everybody was entranced by the music; bobbing their heads, swaying, clapping their hands, and grooving to the beat.  Shortly thereafter, I was hypnotized in a haze of rhythmic sounds that took my mind to a comforting place.

Although I had a great time, I don’t think I would have been as relaxed if I had come alone.  However, I do believe I would have enjoyed myself, just differently.  Whether alone or in the presence of others, my goal is to one day be my fearless self.  My fearless self  would have allowed the magnetism of the music to seduce my mind and body to freely express  the sensations that oozed through every fiber of my being.

Check out my amateur sample of The Foundation’s performance below.






  1. Thank you for your kind and very encouraging words. You have confirmed that I share this space of opportunities, optimism, and freedom with other wonderful beings.

  2. Greetings Ms. Lee,

    Thank you so much for sharing your blog. Reading about your insecurities opened an awareness; we share similar ones. The more you exposed yourself, the more I realized that I needed to read this to aid in the healing process. Revealing pieces of your heart to the world must be so freeing. Thanks for freeing a part of me that I didn’t even know needed it. Now having met you, I don’t believe you’re this beautiful seasoned woman. I thought you were in your early forties. Knowing that you are embracing love again at this point in life is refreshing. Most of the woman I’ve met in their seasoned years of life, are content and not open to Love anymore. I support true love at any age and any stage in life and I am glad you do too. I am embracing my single again as a divorcee and many of those dear to me are not in the same boat. I support what you are doing and I look forward to reading about your journey as we embrace single again.

    I hope you continue to write, share, motivate and empower with Love.


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